I focus on the recovery of infertile soils, damaged by all too conventional and abrasive methods.


Lover of Nature and fine cuisine. I graduated in Tourism and migrated to Switzerland to find a job. After several years working in the hotel industry, I decided to return home and work on what I enjoy the most: agriculture. However, shortly after arriving to Spain, an opportunity emerged to buy my own restaurant and I have been managing it for over 30 years. I was finally able to return to my true passion six years ago, when I started managing my fathers’ olive groves and farms. He had been practicing very abrasive farming methods following advises from the technicians of the moment. Our olive groves had gradually lost their soil and the trees were sick and malnourished. I had to find a way to recover them. The studying of organic farming as an alternative method led me to making my own compositions of compost which helped me recover the fertile layer of the soil in such way that the tree would become self-sufficient and nourish itself as needed. The result of this practice has been so good that I could no longer understand agriculture without understanding and respecting its own natural setting.

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