Miguel Ángel

I study the use of machinery for achieving crop optimization and economic efficiency


Just like my brother Sebastián, agriculture and farming has always been a part of our lives. Unfortunately the economic crisis forced me to leave our home nine years ago in search of a new job. All these years I have been living a personal and professional conflict because my job was to apply 1000 liters per day of glyphosate, MCPA, herbicides and other toxic chemicals along the train rails and roadsides. I have been able to see the effect of these common practices first hand: desertification and contamination of wetlands and aquifers. I couldn’t take it any longer! Once I had saved enough money to pay for my family’s house, I quit and returned home. Needless to say that all poisons are forbidden in my groves! Within all the farming tasks and responsibilities among the cooperative, I focus on the machinery. I study the use of machinery for achieving crop optimization and economic efficiency. Using machines in the right amount is a key factor to increasing the crop yield. However, an excess of use can be very detrimental. For example, if you spend the whole day working with the brushcutter, the soil will suffer a heavy compaction due to the weight of the tractor and excessive usage, which will in turn affect the proper development of the roots and therefore the tree. In short, inadequate use of machinery incurs a huge, unjustified economic and environmental cost.

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