I study and research how to apply what Nature offers us to care for our groves


Farmer and researcher. I was studying engineering when I had to return home to take over the management of my family’s olive groves. Our olive trees are between 20 to 300 years old. When I began managing my family’s groves I worked hard to modernize and strictly applied conventional agricultural methods. At first I obtained surprising results. I thought I was the best! But little by little, those wonderful results made way to failure. I spent months seeing how my centenary olive trees were becoming sick. I was actually killing them! After several months of studying and observation, I finally concluded that the issue was my farming methods; I had broken all the natural structures of the farm. I now follow a very different approach; I study and research how to apply what Natures offers us to care for our groves. For example I use plants to make fertilizers and fungicides: nettle, horsetail, oak bark, garlic, onion, decoctions, slurry and infusions, paired with just the right amount and optimum application timing. After 7 years of following this method, my average olive crop increased steadily and my soil became richer. All my processes generate positive results.

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