One must learn to work with Nature’s diversity and introduce other plant varieties into the olive groves; they will all benefit from one another.


I have always worked with Nature, I used to help my father with the livestock and the olive farm since a very young age. When I left my hometown I settled in Alicante where I opened a garden center with my wife –it couldn’t have been any other field! I worked for 6 years maintaining gardens and working with a large variety of plants. I truly learned the meaning of Nature’s diversity. Refusing this reality to our olive groves is like refusing their own existence. I believe in the importance of mixing the olive groves with other plant varieties: flowers, fruit trees and others. If you watch for their individual needs, you will achieve an optimum status in which all the species benefit from one another. The plants that are now considered weeds are the jewel of my olive groves; they provide nitrogen, potassium and fungicides. And the only thing I need to do is understand them and respect them. I have all kinds of flowers around my groves because they attract bees, lacewings, wasps, etc. which are the best NO PEST you will ever find. Watch out though! Don’t put a cherry tree on your olive groves as they different water requirements will force you to choose of the two fruits!

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