Experience the richness of Andalusia's countryside and one of the best meals you'll ever have. Spain has much to offer in the cities and on its coast, but if you give yourself a chance, you'll discover the authentic Andalusian culture and way of life.

Imagine starting your day with a classic breakfast of cafe con leche and grated tomatoes on toast. Then, we'll first take you through our olive groves. We'll show how we do what we do, and most importantly why. You'll discover what it takes to produce a high quality food like extra virgin olive oil, all with the backdrop of century-old trees and dramatic landscapes.

On certain occasions, we may offer you the chance to participate in one of our activities with SEO/Birdlife. This partnership is as much about helping orphan birds than educating the community about a fragile ecosystem.

After a couple of hours visiting the olive groves, and now that you've worked up an appetite, it's time to head to Restaurant Casa Luciano for an olive oil tasting session. Learn how to distinguish between good oil and bad. Be a smarter consumer and know how to fight fraud, as well as developing your palate. Finally, enjoy the fabulous cooking of Chefs Luciano and Carmen who will prepare a tasting menu of their signature dishes, featuring Dehesa de la Sabina.

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“Best day ever! Itwas definitely a highlight of our trip to Spain. The food was amazing and everything felt so personal and intimate.”
-Lisa from New York

“I'm so glad I got a chance to take this trip. Walking through the orchards and learning about the process was really interesting. The food was incredible and Luciano and and Carmen make you feel right at home. Definitely the best meal I had in Spain!”
-Tom from California

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